Butternut squash gratin

Okay, people. This is getting serious. Even my sister — who doesn’t cook — is asking me why I never post. (The answer is that I am incredibly lame about photos. When I get around to uploading my backlog, there are probably a dozen posts in there.)

But I did actually cook dinner the other […]

Pan-fried gnocchi

I keep waffling over whether to post this recipe because it’s really too simple even to warrant being called a recipe in the first place. But as I was eating it for dinner for the third time this month, I decided it was just too tasty to pass up.

Here’s the secret: you don’t […]

Orzo and feta salad

It must be getting towards spring, even here, because I’m ready to think about salads again. But not green salads: every year in June, my farmshare delivers up so much lettuce that eating green salad every day — sometimes twice a day — is the only way to manage it, so I try to save up my green salad desires for that. Instead, I’m going for bean salads and salads like this one that combine grains and vegetables. orzo salad […]

Carrot and white bean salad

I didn’t go into this salad with a good attitude. The first batch of beans I tried cooking for it had their own attitude problems, and they pretty much all burst during cooking, which wasn’t good for this salad or my plans to do something other than scrub a pot that evening. But, as you’ve probably already divined from the fact that it’s appearing here, I ultimately triumphed and it was totally worth it. white bean and carrot salad […]

Asparagus Bulgur Risotto

This is one of those ideas so good that I can’t believe I didn’t have it myself: risotto with brie. It is lusciously creamy in a way that the hard cheese we usually use for risotto just can’t match. To stand up to that creaminess, this recipe uses bulgur wheat instead of rice, along with tender roasted asparagus and snappy sun-dried tomatoes. asparagus bulgur risotto […]

Sweet potato quesadillas

I first encountered these untraditional quesadillas at a tapas party, where slices were among the small plates on offer. They’re a brilliant combination — the mild sweet potato filling, sharp cheddar cheese, a crispy tortilla — and I pretty much went straight home and wrote an email to ask for the recipe. sweet potato quesadillas […]


Even though borscht was the first way I ever ate beets (at a pretty awesome tasting dinner at evoo a few years back), I hadn’t made it until recently. I have no real excuse for this other than having no personal vision of borscht that would allow me to sort through the hundreds of different […]

Sweet potato falafel

The most brilliant quality of these sweet potato falafel is their taste, of course, but the second most brilliant quality is that they’re the kind of food that seems fancy but is actually really easy to make.

I also love the savoriness of this dish. Too often sweet potatoes get relegated to glazed preparations, […]

Not-too-sweet maple-glazed sweet potatoes

Normally I’m opposed to adding anything sweet to orange vegetables. They start off pretty sweet as is, so savory preparations usually seem like the way to go. Also, I somehow managed to grow up sheltered from the travesty that is sweet potato-marshmallow casserole. But I digress.

My point is that this recipe, despite the […]

Dilly green beans

One of my brilliant friends came up with an idea she calls “the roasted duck test.” The gist of the roasted duck test is to hold up any fancy preparation of an ingredient to a classic, simple, and really delicious one. I find it to be a good check on messing with a good thing.