Smashed potatoes

I admit I’m not completely crazy about the gratin or the hash brown patty. With those two exceptions, I love pretty much every preparation of potatoes — home fries, french fries, potatoes cooked in the oven in a cast-iron skillet, latkes, I’ll take them all. Soon it will be the season of fingerlings and potato salads in my part of the world, but before we get there, I wanted to tell you about these smashed potatoes. smashed potatoes […]


Even though borscht was the first way I ever ate beets (at a pretty awesome tasting dinner at evoo a few years back), I hadn’t made it until recently. I have no real excuse for this other than having no personal vision of borscht that would allow me to sort through the hundreds of different […]

Indian cauliflower and potatoes

“Foods I didn’t discover until adulthood” are getting to be a theme on this blog, which I’m pretty sure is because there are so darn many of them. As a young child, I only ate three things we could reliably get outside of the house: hamburgers (well-done only, no pink), pepperoni pizza, and spaghetti with […]

Sweet potato falafel

The most brilliant quality of these sweet potato falafel is their taste, of course, but the second most brilliant quality is that they’re the kind of food that seems fancy but is actually really easy to make.

I also love the savoriness of this dish. Too often sweet potatoes get relegated to glazed preparations, […]

Mashed potatoes dolled up

Mashed potatoes evoke strong feelings: they must have chunks, or have no chunks. A ricer/food processor/drop of water must never touch them. You must you this or that kind of dairy.

One way around the whole controversy is to make a variation on the traditional dish. Everyone will be so suprised that you put […]

There's a reason she's Alice Waters

Alice Waters is pretty my much idol. She was into local food before it was a thing people were into, and now that she’s got that sorted, she’s moving on to saving school lunch.

So even though this carrot soup recipe looks ridiculously simple, you’re going to want to take her word for it […]

Not-too-sweet maple-glazed sweet potatoes

Normally I’m opposed to adding anything sweet to orange vegetables. They start off pretty sweet as is, so savory preparations usually seem like the way to go. Also, I somehow managed to grow up sheltered from the travesty that is sweet potato-marshmallow casserole. But I digress.

My point is that this recipe, despite the […]

Dilly green beans

One of my brilliant friends came up with an idea she calls “the roasted duck test.” The gist of the roasted duck test is to hold up any fancy preparation of an ingredient to a classic, simple, and really delicious one. I find it to be a good check on messing with a good thing.


It's not real blood

Honest. My kitchen did look a little like I’d some some slaughtering, but the only things harmed were beets.

I tend to get in a beet rut. They’re just so good roasted that I find it difficult to work up the motivation to try any other methods. But my winter farmshare has provided enough […]