Using the categories

In addition to the obvious kinds of categories aimed at helping you find the recipe you need for the food you have — main dish, vegetables, legumes, etc — non-baking recipes are also categorized by time. (Thanks to my friend Liz for this brilliant suggestion!)

Cook once, eat all week recipes take more than half an hour but usually well under two hours. They make good leftovers, so they’re a good choice for preparing a week’s worth of lunches or a couple of dinners all in one go. They also double well unless otherwise noted.

Weeknight supper recipes aren’t limited to dinner, of course, but they’re things I think you could put on the table in less than an hour.

Takes all afternoon, but worth it is for recipes that are a little more labor-intensive. If you’re looking for something for a special dinner, for company, or for a party, check here.

That’s all! Go forth and find your recipes!