Oatmeal chocolate chip muffins

There are muffins and then there are muffins. These guys, loaded with regular and white chocolate chips, and rich with butter and yogurt, are definitely in the latter category. In fact, for me, these are more of a brunch food than something one might reasonably eat for breakfast. People less than five feet tall (or […]


Did you know that when you start a food blog, some scary foodies come and take you away at night and force you to sign a food blogging contract? Among other things, it specifies that the blogger must regularly exhort her readers on the simplicity and even superiority of making at home the kinds of foods that normal people buy in packages in the store. As you’ve probably guessed, the time has come for me to fulfill that obligation, but fortunately, I have found a recipe which actually is both simple to make at home and ridiculously tasty. Plus, if you are a righteous raisin-hater like me, you’ll never again have to pick raisins out of perfectly good granola. granola […]

Southwestern homefries

I love potatoes in pretty much any form. When I was a kid, my dad made “Susan fries,” which were pan-fried slices sprinkled with paprika. (Susan’s other big culinary contribution to my life: butterscotch chips in brownies. Seriously, try it.) Homefries made in a skillet were one of my first truly excellent dishes, and when I finally decided mashed potatoes weren’t against my religion, I fell hard and fast for them. But sometimes even I want something other than starch at breakfast or brunch, which is how we got to these Southwestern homefries. southwest homefries […]

Bran muffins

I have breakfast issues. I’m allergic to bread and the texture of eggs makes my tongue want to cry. And then it’s winter a lot here, which makes it hard to think about lovely summer breakfasts like melon or smoothies or yogurt. bran muffins […]

Granola muffins

I post a lot of breakfast recipes because I have breakfast problems. I like to eat it, but I’m a pickypants about traditional breakfast foods: I don’t like eggs, I only eat oatmeal under select circumstances, and the yeast in bread gives me bellyaches. In the winter, it seems too cold for yogurt, my usual […]

Latkes for all!

I have recently learned that there are some people (and by “some people” I mean “my mother”) who have never eaten latkes. I find this pretty much inconceivable. The two women I remember my mother doing social things with when I was small were both Jewish, and latkes have pretty much jumped the Jewish shark […]

Parsnip spice muffins

I am now in the middle of my winter CSA, in that kind of scary part in the middle where you’ve gotten 2/3 of the produce but have only cooked 1/4 of it. Sure, a lot of it stores well, but it’s a pretty intimidating mountain of produce.

Every year, I find a few […]

The beauty of scones

I love to bake in the morning. I find it tremendously satisfying to have something warm from the oven with my morning coffee, and getting dough under my nails before 8 am often seems to improve the quality of my day. Of course, I can usually only manage this on lazy weekend mornings, so that […]

Get ready for the morning after

You know how it goes: you eat all that food on Thanksgiving, and the next morning, there are all the leftovers in your fridge. If you’re intimidated by the idea of yet more cream on Friday morning, this whole-grain pancake recipe should be right up your alley.

Don’t be scared off by the whole […]