Oatmeal chocolate chip muffins

There are muffins and then there are muffins. These guys, loaded with regular and white chocolate chips, and rich with butter and yogurt, are definitely in the latter category. In fact, for me, these are more of a brunch food than something one might reasonably eat for breakfast. People less than five feet tall (or […]

White chocolate oatmeal cookies

This recipe has made it up here solely by popular acclaim. When I first made it, I was pretty surprised: the cookies are thick but crunchy, very sweet and very buttery all at once. I was ready to file the whole thing away as an interesting experiment when I brought them to a baby shower […]

Coffee oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Okay, I know, I just posted a recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies last month. But I’m making up for lost time here. And these are different!

Not only do they have a secret ingredient (that would be the coffee, which almost no one will notice until you tell them it’s there), but they […]

Cookies and comfort

Cookies were the first genre of food that I felt like I had mastered. I started making them regularly when I was about ten and I pretty much never stopped.

Cookies are a kind of traditional comfort food: even for those of us not lucky enough to be descended from a long line of bakers, […]