Chocolate espresso cookie cups

I would’ve sworn that I posted this recipe back in the fall, but I can find no evidence that I actually did so. That means I owe you an apology, because I’ve been depriving you of these delicious little bites of melty chocolatey goodness, probably for months.

(I kind of love that picture.)

These […]

White chocolate oatmeal cookies

This recipe has made it up here solely by popular acclaim. When I first made it, I was pretty surprised: the cookies are thick but crunchy, very sweet and very buttery all at once. I was ready to file the whole thing away as an interesting experiment when I brought them to a baby shower […]

Coffee oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Okay, I know, I just posted a recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies last month. But I’m making up for lost time here. And these are different!

Not only do they have a secret ingredient (that would be the coffee, which almost no one will notice until you tell them it’s there), but they […]

Cookies and comfort

Cookies were the first genre of food that I felt like I had mastered. I started making them regularly when I was about ten and I pretty much never stopped.

Cookies are a kind of traditional comfort food: even for those of us not lucky enough to be descended from a long line of bakers, […]

The best chocolate chip cookies

I know, I know. Every single blog on the internet — not to mention every cookbook, magazine, and, you know, person — will tell you that they’ve got the best chocolate chip cookie recipe.


I’ve made a lot of those recipes. I’ve subbed flours and tried different fats. I even made a fabulously complicated version that required a stopwatch. But in the end, I cannot leave this recipe, a minor modification on the Toll House classic. […]